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Padre Alberto Gauci is a Franciscan friar, a missionary stationed in Olancho, Honduras since 1973. Father Albert is from the Friars of the Immaculate Conception Province, USA. This site was created to offer each visitor greater access to the tireless efforts of Fr. Albert's life. With all the many and frequent challenges he faces, Fr. Albert forges ahead with Franciscan hope and love, trusting in Divine Providence and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to assist, guide and protect him and all at the mission, who are striving to build a "Civilization of Love."


I am quite certain that you have heard of the word, "mission," and "missionary?" Actually, these two words go together, one follows the other as a missionary is a guy on a mission. Missionaries started coming to Central America more than 500 years ago. They came by ship all the way from Spain with Christopher Columbus when he discovered this continent and these missionaries were Franciscan Friars! Ever since then, the Franciscan sandals have been trekking up hills and going down valleys throughout the region. People often ask me, "What exactly do you missionaries do in Honduras?" In fact, that is a very difficult question to answer.


A mission is a "journey," one that began in Honduras 500 years ago and is ongoing. This journey is exactly what you will see in the pages of this web site. This site will take you along a journey as you walk with orphans, the elderly, men behind bars, very poor little children lining up for a precious glass of milk, mothers who come to our clinic looking for a malaria pill to cure their raging fever and the people of an entire state who have come together to construct a soccer stadium, so that their children can have a decent place to play sports and other recreation activities, and in so doing, keeping them off the streets and away from the drugs and alcohol.


The journey is often one that turns into an adventure and so, you do not know exactly where it will all end. You need courage to undertake such an adventure...a journey into the unknown, but then again, all missions are like that! So, be courageous and start this journey with me and maybe at the end of visiting this web site, you will start to discover the answer to the question that was posed to me, "what exactly is the work of the missionaries in Honduras?" I am sure that my Seraphic Father, St. Francis, will be with you on this journey as has been with me for the last forty years here in Honduras.


Thank you for visiting us.



Paz y Bien,

Padre Alberto Gauci, ofm